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21 dogs in one art piece? How did I do it? 
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pet art home page
Pet Art Portraits Giclee Printed on Canvas

Try  Swipe, Snap & Share™ 

Swipe images left or right to manually operate the slide show. Or let the show advance on its own. Then Snap an image you'd like to share (or to view an enlargement). Then, on the NewsPage that opens, use the Share button to share the image with your favorite social network. Also, you can snap the thumbnail image to view a gorgeous enlargement, or click the "Post Your FeedBack Here" button to post a comment about the image, perhaps responding to others' comments. Use your browser 'back' button to work your way back to my Home page. Enjoy!

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pet art home page 21 dogs in one pet art portrait at one time pet art home page

The LLGorman™ Studio offers Pet Art Portraits: Impressionistic photography giclée printed on artist's canvas, gallery wrapped and ready for hanging. With her custom portraits, Linda applies her unique PoesyArt-style image processing to bring out detail, texture, and color quality, producing a spectacular ready-to-hang result.

What kind of processing does Linda apply to the photo? It's not possible to accurately show on a computer screen the detailed texture and eye-popping clarity achieved when printed on canvas, even when standing at a considerable distance from the final art piece. Nevertheless we offer some before/after examples: click  Design  to see samples, including enlarging the "after" version for your scrutiny.

LLGorman's Pet Art Portraits are durable museum quality prints on canvas having a color-fastness of well over 75 years.

Consider Pet Art for yourself or as a beautiful gift to others.

If you are located in the SaddleBrooke, SaddleBrooke Ranch, or Eagles Nest communities of southern Arizona, Linda can do a photoshoot for you. If you wish, you may instead provide your favorite pet photograph. If you do provide your own photograph, there are important factors to consider. Read details at  Photo Tips . Either way, Linda will design a magnificent custom one-of-a-kind pet portrait keepsake for you.

LLGorman Pet Art Portrait are offered in two sizes:
12"x12" ($60) or 12"x16" portrait or landscape format ($75)

pet art home page composite pet art portraits version 2 pet art home page

In addition to custom Pet Art portraits, see LLGorman's gallery of canvas and paper prints -- including those with her original poetry embedded on the art piece -- plus her art videos, at  PoesyArt™ 

gallery wrapped canvas pet art Pet Art Portraits on facebook

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©2003-2015 LLGorman All rights reserved. "PoesyArt", "LLGorman" and "Swipe, Select & Share" are trademarks of Linda Gorman.

©2003-2015 LLGorman All rights reserved. "PoesyArt", "LLGorman" and "Swipe, Select & Share" are trademarks of Linda Gorman.

©2003-2015 LLGorman All rights reserved. "PoesyArt", "LLGorman" and "Swipe, Select & Share" are trademarks of Linda Gorman.

©2003-2015 LLGorman All rights reserved. "PoesyArt", "LLGorman" and "Swipe, Select & Share" are trademarks of Linda Gorman.

©2003-2015 LLGorman All rights reserved. "PoesyArt", "LLGorman" and "Swipe, Select & Share" are trademarks of Linda Gorman.

The Design Style of LLGorman

Art Style

When you commission Linda to create your Pet Art on canvas, you are getting a magnificent, custom, one-of-a-kind art piece based on her years of experience in amplifying the underlying details drawing out texture and color richness.

The images in the expandable sections on this page show both the original photographs and final designs. Be sure to click the final designs to enlarge them to scrutinize the style detail. Keep in mind that the actual art printed on canvas brings out even more texture.

You can see that Linda is not simply printing photography on canvas. Each photograph receives custom art treatment by one artist based on the quality, nature, composition, lighting and contrast of the photo, unlike "digital portrait factories" that crank out predefined formulations. Click any Final Art Design to view an enlargement of the image revealing the detail.

Physical Format

Depending on the composition of the photo, Linda will select either the 12"x12" fomat or the 16"x12" format. The dimensions represent the size of the face of the finished piece. Typically, Linda will crop the final piece to 15"x15" (or 19"x15") such that the edge of the image wraps around the 12"x12" (or 16"x12") stretcher bars ("gallery wrapped"; see image below for detail). Please note that the 16" edge of the 16"x12" format can be either width ("landscape" format) or height ("portrait" format).

In some cases, if important features of the image are too close to the edge such that those features would wrap around the edge when gallery wrapped on stretcher bars, Linda will instead maintain the image within the 12"x12" area (or 16"x12" area) and add a color-coordinated border around the image that will appear on the edges of the finished piece. Click the image second from the top (under "Final Art Design") to see use of the color border.

Gallery Wrap edges:

pet art gallery wrap detail

Expand Sections Below to View Samples

Four Shih Tzus


shih tzus pet portrait before processing

After (Click picture for enlargement)

shih tzus pet portrait after processing



Miley pet portrait before processing

After (Click picture for enlargement)

Miley pet portrait after processing



Lucy pet portrait before processing

After (Click picture for enlargement)

Lucy pet portrait after processing



Mitzi pet portrait before processing

After (Click picture for enlargement)

Mitzi pet portrait after processing

©2003-2015 LLGorman All rights reserved. "PoesyArt", "LLGorman" and "Swipe, Select & Share" are trademarks of Linda Gorman.

How to Commission LLGorman to Create Your Custom Pet Art Potrait

Source of Photography

First decide if you will be requesting Linda to do a photoshoot, either on your premises or in her SaddleBrooke Ranch studio, or if you will be supplying your own photo. If the latter, there are important considerations about your photo regarding resolution and composition. Please visit our  Photo Tips  page for specifics, including viewing the video.

The photoshoot service and free delivery is available for the SaddleBrooke, SaddleBrooke Ranch, and Eagles Nest communities just north of Tucson. You should plan on the session taking about one to two hours.


Normally, Linda will determine which format works best for the selected photo, the 12"x 12" or 16"x12". If you have a strong preference, you should express that to Linda during this ordering process.


The price is $60 for the 12x12 pieces and $75 for the 16x12 pieces. The out-of-area delivery charge is $16.

In-area and in-studio photoshoot services are available for $25.

Contact Linda to Place the Order

To get your project underway, go to  Contact  to state your desire to have a pet portrait developed. Include your phone number as Linda will invariably want to discuss your order to make sure there is agreement as to goals.

If you supply the photo, Linda will ask you to attach the photo file to an email you send to her. She will review the photo to ensure it is suitable for creating a pet art portrait.

If Linda does the photoshoot, she will present to you several photo choices for you to select from. Those photo choices will not have been process. The intent is to give you a choice as to pose and composition that pleases you.

Should any questions arise during photo processing, she will contact you.


If for any reason you are not satisified with your Pet Art, contact Linda to make arrangements to return the piece and receive a refund of the full purchase price. For out-of-area orders, you will be asked to pay the return shipping charges.

©2003-2015 LLGorman All rights reserved. "PoesyArt", "LLGorman" and "Swipe, Select & Share" are trademarks of Linda Gorman.

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